“Kimonia Revolution attend Exquisite fashion show”

I'm a fashion designer who have always been in love with fashion. The love is about possible of making anything, for example you can take a curtain and make a beautiful coat, jacket, dress, etc. The purpose of fashion is to look your best what you wear, as well as feeling like your on top of the world and you can do anything. Fashion doesn't out of style i say that base on the old coming back in a different way lets say it didn't really leave just revamp. Let's talk about this fashion show I attended, I was there to support my friend on showing his collection. It was a blast, they had talented people to perform, different designer, vendors selling they hand made product or eye wear. The host was ever funny, the models rock the show but we can't forget about the designer they did there thing. I'm wearing a coat made from a curtain I brought from the dollar store, i got it for print and the inside is lined with a solid grey with the print. The boots are from eBay, top is from edge look, shirt is from fashion ova which I won't see my money anymore. Glasses was gifted and the hat is from Ross. B.Fly hold the fashion show, it felt good to network and to be around people in the same field.

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